Service and memorial academy would take place in Donja Gradina on April 17th

Banja Luka, 07.04.2005.

It is expected that several hundreds of guest would attend, from the country and abroad, among which the representatives of the Museum of Holocaust Yad Vashem from Israel and Museums of Holocaust from Washington and Poland.

Members of the Organizational Board, Director of the Public Institution Memorial Zone Donja Gradina Simo Brdar and scene writer and director of the memorial academy Luka Kecman informed the public today at the press conference held in Banja Luka that on April 17th would be held the service and memorial academy on the occasion of ceremony of 60th anniversary of break of Jasenovac camp inmate’s, holocaust and victory over fascism. They took this occasion to invite citizens to participate in the ceremony.

Kecman said that at 9,00 a.m. on April 17th, in the Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul in Kozarska Dubica, would be served the liturgy, which would be followed by gathering of participants of this manifestation.

He said that at 10,30 a.m. would be laid wreaths at the grave field “Topole”, while the service would be held at the grave field "Košute".

In Kecman’s words, at 12.00 p.m. in the whole Republic of Srpska would ring the church bells, which would mark the opening of the memorial academy named “I ask for the amnesty”, which was prepared by the members of the Academy of Art from Banja Luka.

He stressed that the memorial academy is designed so to not disturb the peace and the quietness of Donja Gradina. Kecman precise that the first part of the academy, named "I know who I am" is the story about Gradina, and that the academy would be finished with the poetic whole named “I ask for the amnesty” and the message of the amnesty for all, and even those who committed the crime.

In the program of the academy would participate actors of the National Theatre of the Republic of Srpska from Banja Luka, students and orchestra of the Academy of Art, Choir of the University of Banja Luka, Serb Singer Association "Jedinstvo", opera performers and Jewish Choir "Braća Baruh" from Belgrade.

It is expected that the ceremony of 60th anniversary of the break of Jasenovac camp inmate’s, holocaust and victory over fascism, besides survived camp inmate’s and families of Jasenovac victims from all parts of formers Yugoslavia, would also be attended by representatives of the Museum of Holocaust Yad Vashem from Israel and Museums of Holocaust from Washington and Poland.

Service and memorial academy in Donja Gradina would be attended by nearly 550 distinguished guests from the Republic of Srpska, BiH Federation, Serbia and Monte Negro, Croatia, Israel, Poland, and representatives of Jewish communities from BiH, Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia and Monte Negro, Croatia, Association of Veterans from the Second World War, Academy of Sciences, Serb Orthodox Church, Matica Srpska, and others. Member of the Board Simo Brdar have reminded that the complex of Jasenovac camps was covering the area of 240 square meters, and that the major scaffold of Jasenovac camps is Donja Gradina “which is the lowest point of the destiny of Serbs and the whole humankind”.

"Donja Gradina is not the game of numbers and letters, it is a real factorial evidence of terror that ruled in the Concentration Camp Jasenovac for whole four years. Out of total number of killed in Jasenovac – 700 thousand of victims - in Donja Gradina was identified the number of 366 thousand of victims", said Bradar.





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