To Redactions of all Media

Banja Luka, 23.03.2005.

In the Memorial Zone Donja Gradina, municipality Kozarska Dubica (Republic of Srpska, BiH), on April 17th 2005, would take place the manifestation on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of breach of the last group of inmates of ustasha’s concentration camp Jasenovac, in which were killed several thousands of innocent men, women and children, mostly Serbs, Jews, Roma’s and anti-fascists.

In Donja Gradina would be performed the service and the memorial academy “I claim for the amnesty”, which would be attended by the officials of the Republic of Srpska, i.e. Bosnia and Herzegovina, neighboring countries, Israel, The World Jewish Congress, representatives of the Yad Vashem, officials of the Orthodox, Jewish and Roma’s religious communities. We kindly ask journalists, radio and television crews and photo-reporters interested to attend the manifestation on the occasion of 60th anniversary of Jasenovac Camp Inmate’s Breach, Holocaust and Victory over Fascism in Donja Gradina, to timely provide themselves with accreditations.

Accreditation List, which is attached herewith, must be filled and submitted not later than 12.04.2005. to the Sub-board for Media, at the address:, or by fax: +387 51 331-566.

Media would be enabled to operate from the Press Center in Donja Gradina. For representatives of the Media houses without their own transportation means, would be organized the transport from Banja Luka. Also, the representatives of the media houses who are in the need for accommodation should contact the address:, or the telephone: +387 51 331-565, which is also open for all other information that may be necessary.

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