Memorial Academy "I ask for amnesty"

Banja Luka, 17.04.2005.

Verses of Desanka Maksimović "I know who I am...." spoke about people who have perished in Jasenovac and Donja Gradina, and awareness of victims and their people of who are they and why they perished/

Church bells in Orthodox tabernacles of the Republic of Srpska opened the memorial academy "I ask for amnesty" in Donja Gradina, the closing manifestations of the ceremony of 60th anniversary of the break of Jasenovac camp inmates, holocaust and victory over fascism.

Memorial Academy "I ask for amnesty" is the sort of the drama oratorio. In the first part, the verses of the Serb poet Desanka Maksimović spoke about people who have perished in Jasenovac and Donjua Gradina and the awareness that victims and their people know who are they and why they have perished.

In the second part of the memorial academy was presented the story of Donja Gradina, based at the Poem by Simo Brdar "Gradinad".

"Gradina is still a huge scaffold, where murderers where for five years finding the most monstrous ways of killing people", explained the scene writer and director of the Memorial academy Luka Kecman.

With verses by Desanka Maksimović, the third part of oratorio presents the request for amnesty to the country, army, victims, but for the perpetrators as well. The amnesty is requested for the future, for everyone who still doesn’t know who he is, and than is, for the lack of knowledge, doing something attempting to prove his existence.

“This is where meets the story from beginning and story from the ends”, concludes the screen player and director Kecman.

The oratorio ended with verses about all Serb cemeteries "There is no death in vain", by the distinguished Serb poet Duško Radović.

In the program of the memorial academy participated nearly one hundred performers, actors of the National Theatre of the Republic of Srpska, Children Theatre of the Republic of Srpska from Banja Luka, members of the Jewish Choir "Braća Baruh" from Belgrade, the Choir "Jedinstvo" and the Academic Orchestra of the Academy of Art from Banja Luka.





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