Closed memorial manifestations in Donja Gradina

Memorial manifestations dedicated to 60th anniversary of the break of Jasenovac camp inmates, holocaust and victory over fascism, which were opened in mid-April, were closed today by the manifestation of gathering of primary and high school students at the Memorial Zone Donja Gradina and award of prizes to the best participants of competition of painting and literary pieces dedicated to Jasenovac. [More »]

Ceremony of 60th anniversary of the break of Jasenovac’s camp inmates, holocaust and victory over fascism took place in Donja Gradina

In Donja Gradina, the major scaffold in the system of Jasneovac camps, where were martyred 366 thousand Serbs, Jews, Roma’s and anti-fascists, today was held the ceremony of 60th anniversary of the break of Jasenovac camp inmates, victory over fascism and holocaust. After the liturgy serviced in the Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul in Kozarska Dubica by Archbishop of Banja Luka Jefrem, in presence of the highest clergy of the Serb Orthodox Church, the wrenches and flowers were laid at the memorial thumb at the grave field "Topole" in Donja Gradina. [More »]

Address by the representatives of the camp inmates survivors and the Roma’s community

After the wrenches were laid at the grave field "Topola" and the liturgy served for the Jasenovac’s victims at the grave field «Košute» at the commemorative ceremony in Donja Gradina on the occasion of 60th anniversary of the break of Jasenovac camp inmates, holocaust and victory over fascism, from the black-and- white stage, at which are dominating three symbols: wheel, cross and David’s star, the attendees were addressed by the Chairman of the Association of the Camp Inmates Survivors Gojko Knežević. [More »]

Memorial Academy "I ask for amnesty"

Verses of Desanka Maksimović "I know who I am...." spoke about people who have perished in Jasenovac and Donja Gradina, and awareness of victims and their people of who are they and why they perished/

Church bells in Orthodox tabernacles of the Republic of Srpska opened the memorial academy "I ask for amnesty" in Donja Gradina, the closing manifestations of the ceremony of 60th anniversary of the break of Jasenovac camp inmates, holocaust and victory over fascism. [More »]

Speech dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of Jasenovac Camp
Inmates’ Breach, the Holocaust and Victory over Fascism

60 years have past since atrocities have been committed against Serbs, Jews, Roma and anti-fascist in the region of the Independent State of Croatia in the Second World War. Genocide took place here, the worst crime against humanity, by killing hundreds of thousands innocent people, women, children, and the old just because they belonged to the different religion, nation or ideology.

The Ustasha villains led by Ante Pavelic used the same cruelty against those Croats who sheltered and supported the exiles putting their own lives at risk. [More »]

Speech of Avner Shalev (President of Yad va Shem Memorial Centre, Jerusalem)

Djuro Schwartz, an engineer of Jewish descent, was brought to Jasenovac in August of 1941, and there kept until April, 1942. In his Memoirs, written immediately upon conclusion of the war, he wrote: "If all the inmates of the camp could combine their voices and their feelings of despondency as one voice of despondency, the shriek of the horrors of Judgement Day would resound in the mountains, for such was the scene in the camp at the time, when we were slaves in hell, and the meaning of the world be different than it is. Thus did all the former camp inmates forever stop being individuals and became equal among themselves, for they deeply felt and experienced on their own flesh the demonic nature of man…" [More »]

Public institution memorial zone Donja Gradina Kozarska Dubica – Donja Gradina

Complex of land at which the Memorial Zone Donja Gradina is situated at the most salient, northwest part of kozarsko-dubička plain. It is positioned between rivers Sava and Una and the armlet of river Una called Tišina, and it covers 800 hectares in its wide zone and 116 hectares in its narrow zone.

Memorial Zone Nova Gradina is the major scaffold of the Serb people and the part of the concentration camp Jasenovac that was established in time of the Independent State of Croatia, in the Second World War. [More »]





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