08:00 Kozarska Dubica: Liturgy service in the Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul

10:30 Donja Gradina : Requiem and laying wreaths to the victims on grave field “ Hrastovi ( Oaks)”. Delegation of RS National Assembly will be present. : Remembrance of Jasenovac victims

11:00 Jasenovac Commemoration of the Jasenovac victims in Memorial area. Speaches of Stjepan Mesić, Nataša Jovičić, Nataša Mataušić, Zorica Stipetić and former camp inmate Jakob Atijas. Delegate of Croatian Prime Minister is Dragan Primorac, Minister of science and education. Presbyter Slobodan Lalić will be present on behalf of Bishop of Slavonia. Direct telecast on HRT2.

13:30 Banja Luka Unveiling and consecration of the monument to the Jasenovac victims Poplar of horror on the square in front of the RS Assembly and Government building, within the ceremony of city liberation anniversary .Speaches of Milorad Dodik, RS Prime Minister and Dragoljub Davidović, the Mayor .

City of Banja Luka: Celebration of the City Day – Programme

15:00 New York : Sixth annual Jasenovac commemoration-day in organization of the Institute for Jasenovac research by the monument devoted to Jasenovac in Holocaust memorial park in Brooklyn. Commemorations, wreaths laying, reading names and speaches of survivors, scientists and polititians. Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York, has proclaimed 22 nd of April forth time successively as the Day of Jasenovac.

Glas Srpske: Preparations for Commemoration in Donja Gradina





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Svetigora – Jasenovac after Jasenovac


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