A three day-long seminar for seminary professors regarding the Jasenovac death camp, which was organized by the Committee for Jasenovac of the Holy Assembly of Bishops, concluded in the monastery of Mostanica on October 21.

This seminar, with participants representing all seven of the seminaries of our Church, was held in Banja Luka, Drakulic and the Jasenovac and Donja Gradina concentration camp complex.

Lectures were held by professors Jovan Mirkovic (Historical facts and historiographical problems in connection with Jasenovac), Predrag Lazarevic (Jasenovac in literature and national consciousness) and Father Jovan Culibrk (General historical framework for genocide during World War II - The Serbian Orthodox Church and Jasenovac).

This seminar provided participants with a particularly important opportunity to hear the testimony of surviving Jasenovac inmates Vasilije Karan, Stojka Trivic-Marceta and Gojko Knezevic, who gave his testimony at the very scene of the crime in the Jasenovac concentration camp. During the course of the seminar the CD “Jasenovac - Industry of Death” prepared by the Committee for Jasenovac was presented, as well as the film “The Grey Zone”.

Seminar participants pilgrimaged to the killing fields where so many Serbs perished in Drakulic near Banja Luka, Draksenic and the Jasenovac and Donja Gradina concentration camp complex.

The final session was held in the monastery of Mostanica after Holy Liturgy served by the participants in the seminar with His Grace Bishop Sava of Slavonia in the church of the monastery of Jasenovac, which is also the seat of the Bishop of Slavonia.

All participants agreed that the spiritual value of this seminar and its educational importance are of tremendous import for their further pedagogical work with seminarians, the future spiritual pastors of the Serbian people.

Darko Trivic





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