How to Remember Jasenovac 65 Years After
Mira Jovanović-Ratković and Dragoslav Ilić, An article from Glasnik Udruženja arhivskih radnika Republike Srpske 2/2010, pp. 379-391 (Serbian) (Summary in English)

On the Visit of Cardinal Bozanić to Jasenovac
Jasenovac Committee Administration - An analysis (Serbian)

Necessary or Problematic Synthesis
Jovan Ćulibrk and Ivan Čerešnješ, A Review of the book “The Nazi ‘Final Solution’ of the Jewish Question in the Occupied Countries of the Western Balkans from the Year 1941 to 1945” by Muharem Kreso, published in Bosna Franciscana 31/2009, pp. 336-344. (Serbian)

Jasenovac – bałkański Auschwitz
Lux Veritatis A short review of the role of the Catholic church in the NDH (Polish)

A Testimony on the Slaughter of Serbs in Village Bijeli Potok Near Banja Luka on Easter 1942
Goran Latinović An article from Zbornik društveno-humanističkih nauka, 7-8/2005, pp. 397-402 (Serbian) (Summary in English)

Jasenovac, agosto 1941, Sara Contardi, A chapter from her book "Luoghi della Memoria coscienza d'Europa"
, ANED, Roma, 2006 (Italian)

Views, Experiences: Yad Vashem – The Keeper of the Memory on the Victims of the Holocaust and the Genocide Silvija Krejaković An article for the Collection of papers from academic workshops of the Section of Historians of the Museological Society of Serbia (Serbian)

Some Controversies about Jasenovac Camp
Milojko Budimir an article for a collection of papers Civil War in Croatia 1991-1995 III, Belgrade 2007, pp. 135-143 (Serbian)

Slavko Komarica, Slavko Odić: Why Jasenovac Was Not Liberated?
Slobodan Selinić Review for journal Tokovi istorije 3-4/2005, pp. 324-327 " (Serbian)

The Concept of Holocaust and Genocide in Serbia
Protosingel Jovan Ćulibrk Lecture held at the International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, on February 25, 2008." (English)

Christianity After Oswienczim
Sergey Lezov an Orthodox insight into meaning of the Holocaust for Christianity, published in journal "Октябeр" 10/1990 (Russian)

To Speak Instead of Those Whose Silence is Eternal
An interview with anthropologist Srboljub Živanović, a member of The International Commission for the Truth about Jasenovac (Serbian)

Holy Vukasin of Jasenovac
Žarko Vidović Theological account of an inmate on St. Vukasin with a foreword by editors of "Vidoslov" (Serbian)

Was the Concentration Camp Dachau in Europe „Angel of Mercy“ for Serbs from Balkans?
Bishop of Zahumlje and Herzegovina (retired) Atanasije (Jevtić) A review of book by Predrag Ilić The serbian Orthodox Church and the Mystery of Dachau, published in "Pravoslavlje" No. 948, September 15 2006 (Serbian)

Christ is Risen … 1945 in Dachau!
Priest Gleb A. Rahr An decsription of celebration of Passover in liberated camp in 1945 (Serbian)

Dachau 1945: The Souls of All Are Aflame
Тhe Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America: Douglas Cramer An decsription of celebration of Passover in liberated camp in 1945 (English)

Sermon Against the Pogroms
Metropolitan of Kiev Anthony (Khrapovitsky) Delivered in the Cathedral of Žitomir on 20 April 1903 (English)

Le génocide dans l'état indépendant croate 1941-1945
Dušan T. Bataković A short overview of the genocidal policy of the Independent State of Croatia (Francé)

The Serbian Orthodox Church and Jasenovac
Hieromonk Jovan (Ćulibrk) A lecture at the Third International Conference on Jasenovac Camps (Serbian) (English)

Hidden History: The Horror of Jasenovac
Wanda Schindley On Jasenovac on the occasion of the Third International Conference on Jasenovac Camps (English)

The Remembrance of the Common Suffering as the Path to the Future
Hieromonk Jovan (Ćulibrk) An article from the journal of the World Jewish Congress "Dialogues" (English)

Lower Garden (Donja Gradina) of Upper Jerusalem
Bogdan M. Lubardić, Witness on the First Translation of Relics of Jasenovac Neomartyrs and a Theological Reflection on Genocide (Serbian)





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